Primary School PTF Martisor

March 2, 2017

IBSB celebrated Martisor, my favourite Romanian custom, in beautiful, warm, spring sunshine. It was as if the sun knew and wanted to play its role perfectly.

For the children, the PTF and school organised Martisor workshops for every child to make something wonderful for the most important women in their lives. We are so thankful to the ladies who ran the workshops, providing our children with opportunities to be creative. Touched Romania made jewellery from beads- I am sure mums and grandmas are already wearing them. Light into Europe had the children sewing lovely Martisoare brooches, learning new skills, such as threading a needle. The ladies from ipaint created mini masterpieces on canvas- my daughter’s creation is already proudly on the wall at home; and finally, Made by You made a variety of impressive ceramic pieces – we can’t wait to see what they look like after they are fired. We also learnt the legend of Martisor, why we have the red and white intertwined threads, thanks to our Romanian department. It was a wonderful day and I wish everyone ‘o primavara frumoasa’.