Alan Cornish Head of Primary

Head of Primary Message

Welcome to the Primary School at IBSB!

This is an incredibly exciting time in education and for us as a team of passionate educators at the International British School of Bucharest. The world is changing very quickly, and so too must education, if we are to prepare our students as passionate lifelong learners, willing and able to succeed in this future world.

It is incredible to think that the children starting their learning journey with us in the Early Years Programme this year will not enter into the workforce until the end of the next decade, by which time the world will no doubt be a very different world from the world we live in today, with technology continuing to advance and the advent of AI technology. We have attended many conferences recently, focused on ‘The Future in Education’, and have become increasingly innovative in our thinking, designing a new Values-based, Skills-based 2030 Curriculum to ensure our children will be ready for challenges that lie ahead.

Central to our new 2030 Curriculum is our Higher Performance Learning Programme, which holds true the the belief that all children, no matter their level when they join IBSB, are capable of becoming High Performance learners; and secondly, that intelligence can be nurtured and developed, so that children have the necessary Skills, Values, Attitudes, and Attributes to be confidant, successful lifelong learners, supportive colleagues, and happy, optimistic young men and women, ready and able to contribute to their community in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

In the Primary School, the focus is always on the children; at our very core, we are a student-centred school, with caring, experienced staff committed to guiding and supporting our children toward discovering their passions and interests, teaching them not just what to learn, but equally important how to learn, ensuring they understand that each child possesses special abilities and talents, and learns in a unique way.

Collaboration is a focus for us at IBSB, as we teach our children how to support each other, contributing to a positive learning environment for all students, ensuring all children become confident, independent learners, who understand that making mistakes is an important part of the learning journey on the road to mastery.

This is our commitment to the children in our care, as we work together as a team to provide fun and creative ways to deliver our curriculum, building in opportunities for each and every student to achieve their aspirational goals, and to extend their learning beyond their own expectations.

I look at our school and marvel at just how far we have come as a learning community since we first opened our doors in 2000, with so much achieved and big, bright plans for the future. As a teacher, I can say that IBSB is definitely an aspirational school to work at, continually striving to be better each and every day. It has been my absolute pleasure to grow with the school over the past fifteen years, enjoying the endeavours and achievements of our pupils, which have filled me with an immense sense of pride.

During their time with us, your children will become very familiar with our Core Values, which are central to our curriculum and integral to the process of building character, believing that incredible results can be achieved working in close partnership with our students and ‘parents and partners’.

As teachers, we help to shape, guide, and nurture the children in our care. We teach them, of course, in lessons each day, but it is during whole school events and shows, assembly presentations and interschool competitions that we see their confidence grow, and their spirit shine. It is during the house events and sports days, residential trips, and extra-curricular enrichment activities that so much of the learning occurs, where the bonds of trust and friendship are formed and character and personality are strengthened.
To be involved in the process of educating your children on a day to day basis is an incredible privilege, and so I thank you for the trust you have placed in us in choosing to enrol your children at the International British School of Bucharest.

I look forward to meeting you during your school visit as a part of the admissions process.

My advice to all students who become a part of our family at IBSB is to make the most of the opportunities
that will no doubt come your way, now and in the future:



Be brave, but not foolhardy, 

Be decisive, but open to change, 

Be tolerant, but not submissive, 

and, most important of all, be yourself.