Educational Visits

School trips an integral to the IBSB approach to learning and as such form an important part of the IBSB curriculum. We take trips in Early Years whenever we have the chance, with all our trips are logically linked to the theme we are studying. For instance, we have taken trips to the Zoo when we come across the theme of wild animals in our programme and we visited farms when we theme of farm animals came up. We visited the Firemen Museum when we discussed ‘People Who Help Us’, and visited the Antipa Museum when we learned about fossils.

Some of the places that our students visit:

National Art Gallery
Foisorul de Foc
The Bucharest Zoo
National Geology Museum
Heidi Chocolate Factory

The Mall & Imax Cinema
National Military Museum
Tandarica Puppet Theatre
Village Museum
Botanical Gardens

Antipa Natural History Museum
The House of the People
London Street Atelier
Other schools for community events

*In order to take on outings, children need a written parental permission.