6th Form Life

Welcome to the Sixth Form (Key Stage 5) at IBSB. We hope that you find your time in the Sixth Form stimulating, rewarding and enjoyable, and that, over the course of the next two years, you lay strong foundations for success in your future life, both at university and beyond. Life in the Sixth Form at IBSB has its own distinct flavour, and being a Sixth Former brings with it special privileges, opportunities and responsibilities. We hope that the booklet below provides you with a useful overview of what to expect.

Two of the best things about being a Sixth Former at IBSB are the greater level of responsibility placed upon students and the different dynamic in the classroom. Class sizes are typically small with a significant focus on individual student attention. The teachers have much more one-to-one time with their students as the course progresses helping them better identify areas to focus on in preparation for their AS and A Level exams. Pivotal to your Sixth Form career will be establishing a successful partnership with your tutor and your teachers. They will want to do all they can to help you, so if you do encounter problems, talk to someone.


Learning takes place both in and outside the classroom.


The success you have already achieved at IGCSE level means that you are now well prepared for the challenges which lie ahead. We believe that you have much to gain from, and give to life in the Sixth Form. We look forward to following your progress and supporting you in this exciting and crucial stage in your education. We hope you will find the Sixth Form to be a friendly and ‘adult’ environment in which you are encouraged to develop a sense of independence and to take responsibility for your studies.

Please see below the AS/A2 Level Subjects:

■ English language  ■ English literature  ■ Mathematics   ■ Chemistry   ■ Biology   ■ German  ■ French  ■ Spanish  ■ Italian   

■ Business Studies   ■ Economics   ■ Psychology  ■ Sociology  ■ Geography   ■ Music  ■ Art  ■ Physics   ■ Computing   ■ History

Additional subjects:

 ■ Community Action Service (CAS)   ■ Life Skills (PSHE)   ■ PE (Physical Education)

For information about specific subjects, check the Parents Sign In Portal.