High Performance Learning

At the International British School of Bucharest, we are very proud to be the first High Performance Learning School in both Romania and Eastern Europe.

We have always focused on providing a high quality, individualised learning programmes for the students at IBSB and, as a forward thinking school, have been quick to implement sound educational ideas that continue to improve the quality of teaching and learning, ensuring we remain at the forefront of international education.

Growth Mindset

Our work embedding the principals of the Growth Mindset across the curriculum resulted in substantial progress in attainment across the curriculum. The ground breaking research of Stanford Professor Carol Dweck, provided compelling evidence that student ability and potential is not something you are born with, is not fixed, but rather can be developed at any stage in the learning process within a supportive, well organised learning environment.

At IBSB, applying the principals of the Growth Mindset resulted in an increase in the level of student engagement and enjoyment of learning, improved behaviour and relationships within the classroom, and a substantial increase in the level of student progress across the school in all areas of the curriculum.

Our pupils consistently achieve well above the average National Curriculum level for each year group, with 100% of IBSB graduates going on to study at university level in 2020, including 87% at universities ranked in the top 5% of universities worldwide- results we are all very proud of at IBSB.

High Performance Learning

Having successfully applied the principals of Growth Mindset, the question we asked ourselves as a vibrant learning community, is where do we go from here? The answer to this question arrived in the form of High Performance Learning (HPL).

Based on research in cognitive psychology, gifted education, neuroscience, and extensive practical experience, HPL identifies the specific competencies students need to acquire to become confident, independent, high performance learners.

The philosophy of High Performance Learning starts from the following key principles:

✔  High academic performance is attainable for everyone.
✔  We can systematically teach students how to be ‘intelligent’ and how to succeed in school.
✔  There are 20 generic characteristics which students need to develop if they are to become high performers in cognitive domains (ACPs) and 10 values, attitudes, and attributes (VAAs) that develop the wider learner dispositions needed for cognitive and lifetime success.
✔  HPL World Class Schools produce students that are both intellectually and socially confident, ready to succeed in higher education, in their future careers, and in life as individuals with a global outlook and a concern for others and the environment.

High Performance Learning provides a practical framework to transform learning, actively involving students and parents in the learning experience, continuing the IBSB tradition of working with ‘Parents as partners in education’ that is central to the learning journey of each and every student at IBSB.

The Seven Pillars of High Performance Learning

Fundamental to the success of the HPL framework is the seven support pillars of HPL, which together create a climate for success, reinforcing the professionalism of classroom teachers, while addressing what can be done at the whole-school level to optimise learning opportunities, individual support, and personal motivation.

At the base of the pyramid and the heart of the framework are the Advanced Cognitive Performance characteristics (ACPs) and the Values, Attitudes and Attributes (VAAs).

ACPs are essentially ways of thinking that students need to develop, whilst VAAs are the ways of behaving that students need to acquire, to become successful learners. Neither will deliver success alone, but together they create the magic to support our students become high performers.

What makes the International British School of Bucharest an outstanding school?

It is our desire to provide our students with the very best learning opportunities, working closely in collaboration with our parents as partners and with other accredited HPL World Class Schools to ensure each and every student enrolled at IBSB receives a World Class Education to prepare them to meet the challenges of the future.