CAS – Community Action Service – is an important part of the IBSB Curriculum, involving our entire school community. Students, teachers, and parents actively contribute to sustainable development and charitable projects supporting various causes.

This programme is based on voluntary involvement, according to personal abilities and preferences, with the aim of developing a healthy community oriented perspective and key life skills, which are fundamental aspects of our educational vision. C.A.S. offers everyone the opportunity to take initiative, plan their own projects, and to learn to co-operate with others in a safe, positive environment. Furthermore, it allows the ones involved to become responsible for their own actions and to realise that they can make a difference.

Primary School

In the Primary School, the involvement is project-based and on-going. We regularly organize events to raise money or to collect food, clothing, toys and baby care products which we then direct to where they are most needed; we support the training of guide dogs for the sight impaired, encourage fostering and adopting rescued animals, reuse and recycle paper, and pen-pal with children hospitalized for long periods of time due to severe chronic diseases. Our junior students find out very early that they can make a positive contribution to their local community.

Secondary School

Our Secondary School students organise their work according to their personal interests, availability, and skills, participating in regular activities that are advertised in school. The Sixth Form(Years 12 and 13) have two timetabled lessons each week to conduct community work as volunteers for the causes and organisations they chose to support. With the help of their supervisors, they take responsibility for the research, planning, and realisation of their objectives – an opportunity to find creative solutions to problems, to develop teamwork skills, and to take on leadership roles.

We currently work with eight local organisations.