AURA BOGDAN Executive Director

Executive Director’s Welcome

We are very pleased that you are considering enrolling your children at the International British School of Bucharest.

At its very heart, IBSB is a warm and friendly school, offering an educational experience that is greatly enriched by the diversity of our students and staff, who join us from as many as thirty countries around the world, coming together as a single community, contributing to our colourful cultural calendar, enlivening debate, and teaching us the importance of respect and tolerance- two of our seven core values.

As an international school located in the very centre of Bucharest, we are uniquely placed to take full advantage of the learning resources and opportunities at our doorstep, believing that our students learn as much from inside the classroom as they do from the real world around them.

Pastoral care and student wellbeing provide the bedrock of our educational programme, with a school nurse, two full-time student counsellors, and an extremely experienced pastoral care team available to provide the support and advice needed as our students mature into young, confidant adults.

For the new students joining us, be assured that we have a well-organised induction programme to help you settle in quickly, including an intensive English language programme rated outstanding in our last Quality of Education ISI Inspection. At all times, students health and wellbeing come first at IBSB, with a zero tolerance policy to bullying. Teamwork and collaboration are central to the way we work and students are encouraged to contribute positively to the lives of their peers.

Community Action Service plays an important role within our school curriculum, working in close partnership with a number of local charities to provide opportunities for our students to experience the fulfilment that comes from helping those in need, to better encourage our students to grow into caring, socially-minded individuals who value all people in the community, understanding we each have something worthwhile to contribute.

All students joining IBSB are expected to apply themselves academically, setting high aspirational goals and engaging in a rigorous programme of study, supported by our highly experienced, inspirational team of teaching staff.

As a High Performance Learning School, we believe fundamentally that all students possess the ability to acquire the Values, Attitudes, and Attributes and Advanced Cognitive Skills needed be become successful High Performance Learners. We are incredibly proud of the progress our students achieve each year, with attainment levels across the curriculum well above the national average of England, resulting in 87% of our students being offered a place in the top 5% of universities worldwide in 2020.

In choosing to enrol your children at IBSB, you can be confident that you are choosing a school that offers proven academic results year after year.

You are also choosing a school with a well-established co-curricular programme, offering students a wide variety of day and residential trips, lunchtime activities and after school clubs, a well-organsied Work Experience Programme, a strong CAS Programme and Creative Arts Programme, the International Duke of Edinburgh Award, a wide range of Sporting opportunities, and a colourful array of school events and interschool events to enrich the lives of our students both on and off campus.

This is an exciting time for everyone at IBSB, as we work closely with our students and ‘parents as partners’ towards World Class School Membership, ensuring the learning experience remains at the frontier of educational reform, believing that education is not only about maintaining outstanding exam results, but also about building character, instilling core values, developing confidence, and supporting the emotional and social development of our children.

lf you would like any additional information about enrolling your child are IBSB, in addition to that available on our school website, please do not hesitate to contact the admissions office directly:

We look forward to your visit and to welcoming you and your children to IBSB.

We look forward to your visit and to welcoming you and
your child(ren) to IBSB.