The House System is an integral part of life here at IBSB. Every student who joins our school is placed into one of three houses: Dobrogea, Transilvania, or Muntenia, which were three of the nine prominent regions or fiefdoms that joined together to form what is now referred to as modern day Romania.

The House System plays a key role in our Pastoral Care System, providing students with collegial network of friends when they first arrive on campus. The Houses each elect a Captain and Vice Captain at the start of the year, both in the Primary and Secondary School, and then meet regularly to prepare for the monthly House Competitions that take place and to talk team strategy in regard to gaining valuable House Points. Students are awarded Houses points for acts of charity and for helping each other and the teachers throughout the normal school day. House points are also awarded for student involvement in school events such as UN Day and the School Productions and as such play a pivotal role in encouraging Good Behaviour and in developing team spirit and greater individual responsibility.

At the end of each term the winning house is awarded a trip somewhere as a reward for all their effort throughout the term and at the end of the year, following the School Sports Day, the winning House is announced, with their names etched onto the IBSB House Cup for posterity.

To read more about each of the houses please click on either one of their shields.

To read more about each of the houses please click on either one of their shields.

Muntenia House takes its name from the area Muntenia (also known in English as Greater Wallachia), a historical region of Romania, situated west of Dobrogea, from the Bulgarian border north to the Carpathian Mountains and the border of Transilvania, home to some of Romanians largest cities, including the capital city, Bucharest. As a region, Munenia is extremely productive and fruitful, with the best wine growing areas to be found within the Muntenia region. Muntenians are best known for their hardworking nature, their team spirit, and for having fun along the way, a and enjoying the celebrations that come with success. The House mascot is the Eagle, flying high in mountains, independent and strong.


Dobrogea House takes its name from the area Dobrogea, in the east of Romania, stretching from the Danube Delta at the Ukrainian border all the way down the coastline to Varma Veche, which borders Bulgaria. It is a region beset by war, changing hands many times throughout history, from the Dacians to the Romans, to the Turkish, Russians, and Bulgarians. With such a long history of war, as you can imagine Debrogeans have a natural fiery spirit, like the their House Symbol the Dragon, fiercely loyal, often prevailing against adversity. But living next to the sea, Dobrogeans are also noted for their warm, friendly nature, and can often been found spending time together socialising.


Transilvania House takes its name from the region of Transilvania, in the north west of Romania. With a rich, varied history, the population of Transylvania is ethnically, linguistically, culturally, and religiously diverse, and so one of the key characteristics of someone from Transilvania is a high level of tolerance and natural interest in helping and working with others. Like their mascot the Bear, Transilvanians are strong and confident, methodical and well-prepared, ready to stand up for what is right and to speak out when they need to. They are good communicators and will often achieve their goal through effective teamwork, but like a bear are not afraid to take action on their own when needed.

Previous Winners
Previous Winners

2009 – 10: Transilvania

2010 – 11: Transilvania

2011 – 12: Dobrogea

2012 – 13: Muntenia

2013 – 14: Transilvania

2014 – 15: Muntenia

2015 – 16: Transilvania

2016 – 17: Dobrogea

2017 – 18: Dobrogea

2018 – 19: Dobrogea

2019 – 20: Transilvania

2020 – 21: Dobrogea

2021 – 22: Transilvania

2022 – 23: Muntenia


Primary School total:

Transilvania: 1050
Dobrogea: 1224
Muntenia: 1152

Secondary School total:

Transilvania: 2617
Dobrogea: 1820
Muntenia: 1830