Visits and Enquiries

The School Admissions Procedure ensures a fair and straightforward admissions system that promotes equity and fair access for all.

Applications for admission are accepted throughout the school year and families are encouraged to make an appointment for an interview and tour of the school. The official time for enrolments starts with the 1st of March after the re-enrolment process finishes. To begin the enrolment process, please contact the school admissions office or complete the online application in order to organise a meeting to visit us and to meet with the Executive Director or Head of School.

Please note that all students enrolling at IBSB will be required to undertake Admission Assessments, please see below the requirements for each Key Stage:

For Key Stage 1 applicants, this will be in the form of a short interview.
For Key Stage 2 applicants, this will compromise written English and Mathematics assessment and an interview.
For Key Stage 3-5 the assessment will include a written English, Mathematics, and Science Test, in addition to a short interview.

*Based on these results and availabilities students will be informed of enrolment. Please be aware that places can only be guaranteed by signing a School Contract
and paying all tuition and fees by the due date noted on the invoice.

For further information regarding admissions and visits please contact:

Claudia Marta
(Head of Admissions)

Phone: +40 21 253 1698
Fax: +40 21 253 1697
Mobile: +40757 071 416

Florina Georgescu (Admissions & PR Officer)
Phone: +40 21 253 1698
Fax: +40 21 253 1697
Mobile: +40 742 237 204