Our Mission, Vision, Core Values, Aims

"What we do"

Working together to INSPIRE, SUPPORT and CELEBRATE student achievement

Our Core Values

Values-based Education

Values-based Education is not a new concept, but is one which is becoming increasingly central to the curriculums of leading schools around the world committed to developing inspirational leadership.

Values-based Education places human values, such as respect, tolerance, integrity, and compassion at the core of the educational process, infusing an underlying ethical vocabulary into the curriculum leading to ‘ethical intelligence’, which according to Dr. Neil Hawkes is the most important intelligence for the future sustainability of our world.

Ethical vocabulary is the foundation of a universal narrative through which all human beings, irrespective of culture, religion, or ethnicity can communicate, establishing trust and wellbeing. The outcome of Values-based Education is self-leadership, which enables each individual to work towards fulfilling their incredible potential, and the world to move toward a more sustainable future.

BRAVEHaving the courage to try new things and persevere, even if you might fail
RESPECTFULCaring about yourself and the feelings and well-being of others
INNOVATIVEActively seeking out opportunities to be creative and original, thinking outside the box
TOLERANTLearning to live together, celebrating diversity
INTEGRITYDoing the right thing, even when no-one is looking
SUSTAINABILITYCaring for the educational, environmental, and social needs of the present without compromising the future
HAPPYTaking delight in the simple pleasures of life; the choice we make each day

Acquiring Our Core Values

To support our students in acquiring our core values, we are committed to actively promoting:

Authentic modelling of the core values by parents and staff.
The creation of a values-based learning environment.
The presence of a ‘soft’ curriculum, focused on thoughts, feelings, and emotions, running through the hard ‘knowledge-based’ curriculum.
growth mindset approach, believing in the potential of each and every individual.
Reflective practices in place linked to interpersonal neurobiology.
A focus on developing leadership.
The comprehensive development of an ethical vocabulary.
We invite you to join us as a partner as we work to build a more sustainable future.

Vision Statement

"Where we are going"

Building a Community of Passionate Lifelong Learners

To provide a learning environment which values academic success, high moral standards, self-discipline and mutual respect for the cultures, opinions and values of others
To focus on the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical
To provide a learning environment in which all students are encouraged to actively participate and where students understand that making mistakes is an important part of the learning process
To provide a curriculum and the support needed to enable our students to become confident, successful, independent learners
To provide a rigorous curriculum which develops critical thinking skills, challenging each and every student to strive to be the best they can be
To encourage students to set high goals, which can be broken down into a series of smaller achievable targets, and to motivate and inspire our students to work toward achieving their goals
To provide support programmes to enable each and every student an equal opportunity to succeed in their studies
To provide each child with an individual learning programme and a rich extracurricular programme to enable them to discover and develop their special talents and abilities
To provide a pastoral care system which ensures that all students feel included and valued
To provide a safe, comfortable learning environment where students feel secure, happy, and cared for
To ensure that our students leave IBSB equipped with the knowledge and skills, the confidence, mind-set, and communication skills needed to succeed in higher education and life thereafter
To ensure that our students leave IBSB solution-orientated, community-minded individuals willing and able to make a positive difference to the lives of those around them