Frequently Asked Questions


Currently we have 430 pupils enrolled at IBSB, with approximately 160 in Primary and 270 in Secondary: on average 30% are international students, with students usually coming from more than 25 countries.

In the Primary School there is a maximum of 22 pupils per class, In secondary, the maximum number is 23.

IBSB is a COBIS Accredited School, listed on the UK Department of Education website and as such we follow The National Curriculum for England.

We employ experienced, qualified teachers able to teach to the highest standards. In the Primary School all class teachers are native English speakers, assisted by a Romanian teaching assistant. In the Secondary School, approximately 50% of staff are native English speakers; however, we also employ other nationalities if they have the qualifications and experience to teach to the high standards expected at IBSB.

Pupils use English in class and are encouraged to speak English at all other times. In the playground, children speak English and can often be heard speaking their native language such as German, Spanish, French, Romanian, and other languages.

As a multicultural school we introduce our students to different religions and cultures and teach them moral values based on Western Christian tradition, but which tend to be common to all religions.

The sports we offer are to some degree affected by the seasons. We focus on summer sports in summer and winter sports, indoor or outdoor in the colder season.  A full list of extracurricular activities is published each term and sent to parents.

This depends on the age of the pupil. As a general rule, in EYFS no homework will be set, but pupils are expected to take reading books home to share with their parents. Students will be given more homework as they move up each class.

We believe it is important to keep parents well-informed. As a part of our commitment to parent communication, all planning and homework is available online for parents and students to view at any time via our Schoolbase System. Students in Years 3-6 receive a report at the end of each term. Secondary School students in Years 7-13 receive a report at the end of Terms 1a, 1b, 2a, and at the end of Term 3 before they go on study break for the summer exam session. In addition to reports and scheduled parent-teacher meeting evenings, parents can schedule an appointment to speak with the Head or a class teacher at a mutually convenient time.

In Primary the students take the Cambridge Pupil Progress Tests at the end of each Key Stage. In Secondary the students take Checkpoint Exams in Year 9, IGCSE exams in Years 10 & 11, and GCE A Level exams in Years 12 & 13. Students able to take exams early with an A/A* passing grade are permitted to do so.

Students finishing their education at IBSB generally choose to attend universities in the UK, Europe, or the United States. Many of our students go on to attend top universities in their chosen field of study around the world. Those students who prefer to continue their studies at a Romanian university are able to do so.


Our programme currently starts at Nursery for children aged 3 or older on September 1st.

We offer our students the chance to re-enrol in February. New enrolments are considered from March on. You are invited to submit your new enrolment application to the office before February and as such will be placed on the waiting list, which will be processed for the new academic year on March 01, after the re-enrolment period has finished.

Yes, you can enrol your child at IBSB at any time during the school year, providing there is a place available.

Yes, you are welcome to visit the school at any time. Please contact the school office to make an appointment to speak with the Head of School or Executive Director and for an official tour of the school.

Yes, you are welcome to organise a day for your son/daughter to attend the school to meet the students and teachers.

IBSB offers and open enrolment policy, which means we do not exclude students based on academic ability. We assess all students before they start and work to ensure that we have a programme in place to help each student progress in accordance with their current level and individual ability.

IBSB offers an Extra English Support Programme with experienced English language teachers ready to help students adjust to the British Curriculum. Students with a low level of English are assigned extra English lessons in small groups so that they can learn quickly until their level of English is sufficient to return to the standard timetable. For Secondary School students with a low level of English, an additional EAL supplement will be charged. Extra English Support.

The minimum time we can accept a pupil is for one whole academic year. However, exceptions may be made depending on circumstances. Please be aware also that the IGCSE Programme in Years 10 & 11 and the A Level Programme in Years 12 & 13 are integral 2 year programmes and as such it is not advisable to move students during this period.

It is common for the international students to move every few years and so pupils at IBSB are accustomed to welcoming new students. There are a number of systems that have been set up to help students adjust quickly, including the House System and buddy system, which are part of the Pastoral Care Programme. The School Prefects also provide support.

At an additional cost transport will be arranged. The cost is calculated based on the distance you are from the school.

All children in from Nursery to Year 13 eat lunch at school. In fact, as part of the IBSB philosophy of encouraging good manners and acquiring social skills, it is required that the pupils should eat together. Healthy, nutritional school meals are provided based on an international menu and are an additional charge. In addition to the school menu students can also buy food from the School Kiosk and students in Years 12 & 13 are allowed to exit the school to buy food off campus if they wish.

No, you will be asked to pay an initial Registration Fee of 1.000 and a deposit of 1.500€. You will then need to pay for each term by a certain date before the start of each term. Please see School Fees for yearly adjustments.