School Fees

School Fees for Early Years Foundation Stage, Primary School and Secondary School (Year Groups Nursery-13)* are
made up from three elements: Registration Fee, Enrolment Deposit & Annual School Fee. These elements are detailed below for the 2021-2022 Academic year:

*Click here for: School Level and Year Group allocation according to The British School curriculum system.

Registration Fee
(non refundable – first time only)

1.000 Euro

Enrolment Deposit
(deducted from the annual school fees)

1.500 Euro

Half day

SEM 1 (Aug 30- Jan 31): 2.750 Euro
SEM 2 (Feb 01- June 24): 2.750 Euro

5.500 Euro
Full day

SEM 1 (Aug 30- Jan 31): 5.500 Euro
SEM 2 (Feb 01- June 24): 5.500 Euro

11.000 Euro
Full Day

SEM 1 (Aug 30- Jan 31): 6.475 Euro
SEM 2 (Feb 01- June 24): 6.475 Euro

12.950 Euro
Full Day

SEM 1 (Aug 30- Jan 31): 7.675 Euro
SEM 2 (Feb 01- June 24): 7.675 Euro

15.350 Euro
School fee annual tuition rates are based on the school’s two Fiscal Semesters.

For the 2021 – 2022 school year these are as follows:

1st semester
(August 30 – January 31) – payment due by August 16, 2021

2nd semester
(February 01 – June 24) – payment due by January 17, 2022

Any additional costs will be invoiced separately:

Certain Club and After School Activities

Residential Trips


School Lunch

School Uniform

Events Fund

Admission Test Fee (250 RON)


A 5% special discount is offered for full-payment of the one year’s fee within 10 workings days from signing the contract.

A 10% discount is offered for 2 or more siblings registered at the school; the discount is applied only to the youngest sibling.

The School fees include the following things:

Certain Clubs

Certain School Activities

Local Trips

Class Books



*IBSB reserves the right to adjust school fees in accordance with inflation, operating costs, and expenses associated with school development projects with 90 days prior notice.