English Support

IBSB is an international school with students enrolling from a number of countries. Many of the students attending the school speak English as a second language and as such do not have the English language skills necessary to cope with the demands of the British National Curriculum. For this reason, students entering IBSB are assessed to determine whether they need additional English support, and where a need has been identified, extra support will be provided in small classes to enable them to learn quickly and better integrate into their mainstream classes.



To assess students applying to study at IBSB in order to accurately determine their level of English proficiency

To place students in need of English support in an appropriate EAL class

To provide 1-5 hours of extra English support each week, depending on the need of the student

Where a special need has been identified, to design a program to cater to that individual need

To help students to develop the ability to understand and use English effectively for the purposes of practical communication

To develop the ability to use English effectively in order to be able to achieve academic success

To teach in such a way so that students enjoy the experience of learning English

To provide a positive, supportive, learning environment


Extra support will be provided in small classes.


As a part of the Extra English Programme, English support teachers communicate regularly with class and subject teachers to ensure that the right support is being offered. Regular assessment is carried out to determine the needs of the students and parents are informed at the end of each term by letter if the students need to continue with extra English the next term or are able to return to their normal timetable.