Why choose IBSB

It is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions we as parents face because it is not always easy know which school is right for our children.
Each child is different and learns best in their own special way, has special interests, special abilities, and as parents we ask ourselves if the school we are considering will take an active and sincere interest in developing all aspects of our children. 

Please scroll through the slides to see why IBSB is the right school for you and your family.

IBSB is located in the heart of Bucharest


Due to its privileged central location, IBSB is easily reachable by both parents and students, from any part of the city. Attracting pupils from all around Bucharest, our school is situated around many residential areas, shopping centres and we are perfectly connected to the public transportation facilities. This offers our pupils superb access to the attractions and Historic sites of Bucharest such as the Lia Manoliu National Stadium, University Square, Romana Square, Victoriei Square, and the Old Town of Bucharest, which are only a few minutes away.

A school with a safe, supportive learning environment


We want to know that our children are safe and happy, and that the school is looking after their emotional development, supporting them in the process of growing up and learning about the world, educating our children about the dangers of life and how to keep safe. IBSB is not just a school, but a learning community, and this is what makes IBSB so special.

We offer students a rigorous academic curriculum


The National Curriculum of England provides students with the ability to do all these things. The curriculum is academically rigorous with a proven track record of success, offering students a rich extracurricular programme designed to foster and develop interest in a wide variety of areas. The curriculum is broken up into 5 Key Stages, with each Key Stage setting out clear goals for students to aspire to, allowing students to move at their own pace, providing both the challenge needed for high achievers and the support needed for students with learning difficulties.

We offer students a personalised learning programme


What makes IBSB such a special school is the simple fact that each and every child has an individual learning plan, with the teachers and parents working together in partnership as a team to support each student in achieving their goals.

IBSB actively involves parents and listens to them


Parents play an important role in the learning process at IBSB, providing not only home support, but also work experience opportunities, and coming in to give workshops on different careers, attending school events, and helping out in organising them. Where the level of student participation or effort drops, parents are informed immediately, with action plans put in place – with the agreement of both students and parents – to help keep students on target to achieve the goals set at the start of each year.

We challenge students on a daily basis to aspire towards success


We want our children to enjoy the process of learning, to know that they are being academically challenged and are making good progress in their studies each and every day. We want to see evidence that our children are becoming ever more confident and responsible, acquiring the social skills necessary to bond with others, to be able to form deep lasting friendships, learning the importance of teamwork through interacting with other students in group sports and activities, developing leadership skills and abilities as a part of the process.

Top Graduate Programme since 2006


IBSB provides an educational environment where students are actively encouraged to strive for academic excellence. Every year we have students graduating with an A-A* average across 3- 5 A Level subjects, with 95% of students graduating from IBSB going on to study at higher education institutions both in Romania and around the world, including prestigious institutions such as the Berklee College of Music, the New York Film Academy, UCL, LSE, Cambridge, and Yale.