Work Experience

The IBSB Work Experience Programme is available to students in the Secondary School from Years 10-13.
The programme is intended to offer students the opportunity to experience working life first-hand in a number of sectors and to begin to develop the key skills needed in the workplace, and to assist students in selecting an appropriate career path. Our experience running this programme has shown us that students generally return from work experience more mature and responsible, and in this way work experience often helps students to focus their studies in order to achieve the grades they need to progress on to their chosen career.

On completion of the programme, participant students are awarded a “Work Experience Diploma” which forms an important component in their Graduation Portfolio, helping students applying to top universities, such and Oxford and Cambridge. Students also often receive Letters of Recommendation which can be helpful for future job applications, with some students being offered summer work placement.

Work Experience Policy

Our partners

We would like to thank the following companies for participating in the IBSB Work Experience Programme: