Boys Enjoy A-Level German Literature

March 6, 2020

According to clichés, boys and literature do not match together well. But our male students who chose to study German literature at A-Level have proved it is in fact quite the opposite, having enjoyed their experience of reading their first novel in German.

Our boys found out just how seductive German literature can be in comparison with previous reading experiences. From the very first pages read they kept wanting to read more and more, as they could identify themselves with the main character. Who would have thought that a book read at the exactly perfect time could have had such an impact on the students’ motivation and even on their lives.
The book they read is all a boy their age could have wished for from reading. Their eagerness to expand the vocabulary could not have been achieved if it were not for the theme of the novel and for the boys’ open-mindedness. They felt so inspired in fact that they insisted on teaching their younger siblings some of the vocabulary from the novel to be able to better explain it to them.

Radu and Alex S., two of our A Level German students said that they were inspired to want to see beyond the text, to better understand the author’s intentions, picking up on specific details and debating on them passionately in class, whilst filtering the plot through their own perspective and appreciating how much the book has inspired them to develop themselves as people and to analyse their own personality.

This is when and where reading becomes an important life experience in itself, and adding this to the chemistry between all involved parties resulted in their reading experience being truly memorable. The learning process goes far beyond the knowledge of the story itself, which is the one of the wonderful insights gained by reading.

Ioana-Miliana Anghel
A Level German Teacher