History in Year 2

February 23, 2017

In Literacy in Term 2a, Year 2D studied Florence Nightingale and other significant individuals. They found out a lot of interesting facts about her, about the Crimean War, about nurses, and about hospitals in those times. During their lessons they wrote a biography about Florence’s life, a non-chronological report about doctors and nurses, and learned about writing formal and informal letters: they really enjoyed writing a letter pretending to be a solider in the 1850’s writing to their parents explaining how Florence Nightingale improved the hospital. They also created a job advert for a new nurse for Florence’s hospital and came up with some very imaginative stories. In the end everyone agreed that they all enjoyed learning about significant individuals from history and learning about different types of writing, and to finish off the unit, they each wrote a persuasive letter to Ms Deeble-Rogers.