Primary School Science Week

February 18, 2017

While many students were away on the ski trip, those remaining at school had the chance to enjoy a week of lessons with a focus on science.
The aims of Science Week were to encourage our students’ interest in all subjects science and get them involved in demonstrating and experimenting with different phenomena. The students really enjoyed getting involved with hands-on activities in the classroom, with the week culminating in a Science Fair in the school hall.

In Year 5, we explored the idea of spreading weight over many points of contact by using balloons and drawing pins to create a “bed of nails”. We also explored ways of moving liquids by employing our knowledge of different forces, creating a centrifugal pump and a siphon by using drinking straws.

Most Primary classes had a visit to Casa Experimentelor, where the students had the chance to use different equipment to demonstrate various scientific concepts. Casa Experimentelor also provided some workshops in school, giving children the chance to make a battery from lemons and an electromagnet.

The week was full of fascinating lessons and we certainly achieved our aims.

Special thanks must go to Mr Morrison, Ms Andreea Rus, Ms Ana Maria Stere, and all the drivers for organising resources, trips and captivating activities.