International British School of Bucharest

Education Without Frontiers
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A Truly International Education

Study alongside International Students, with an International team of Teachers, offering a truly International Education that prepares you for life

Celebrating Success

Our students aspire to high goals and go on to study at some of the best universities around the world

Engaged Learners

We offer our students a personalised learning experience, Engaging, and inspiring our Students to aspire to excellence

Exploring New Frontiers

The IBSB Curriculum is designed to challenge our students to broaden their horizons and explore new frontiers

A Rich Extra-Curricular Programme

Our Curriculum for Academic Excellence is supported by A Rich Extra-curricular Programme of clubs, sports, community projects, activities, and events intended to foster a well-rounded community-minded educational experience


At the centre of the IBSB learning experience is Friendship, providing our students with the personal communication skills to build healthy, happy relationships

Dedicated Staff

Our international team of Dedicated Staff are passionate teachers and positive role models, inspiring and supporting our students to strive for excellence

Responsible, Independent Learners

Our goal is to educate our students into becoming Responsible, Independent Learners, prepared and ready for the challenges that await them

Team Spirit

We believe that more can be achieved working together and everything we do encompasses this idea

International British School of Bucharest