How has French helped me in life? IBSB Alumni confession on studying in France

April 17, 2024

Well, where should I start? After graduating from IBSB in June 2017, a few months later I moved to Paris to study fashion design. Speaking French has made everything easier, from sorting out accommodation (bills and rent) to obtaining a metro card, a bank account in France and health insurance. It helped me in my daily activities: like buying fabrics for pattern making and design classes, learning fashion and business words in class, doing my shopping and many more. We all know that the French love to speak their own language, so being able to communicate in French helped me solve all the daily problems I encountered. I had friends who didn’t speak a word of French and they had difficulty getting around Paris on a daily basis, because even to ask for directions, it was better to ask in French than in English – the chances of getting an answer in French were high.

I then moved to London to study something else, and 6 years later I’m still here, I haven’t really had the chance to speak French anymore, just maybe to give instructions in French to foreigners. Recently, I started teaching beginner French lessons to children, so learning the language in high school helped me find a side job.

To conclude, I no longer ended up doing fashion design or staying in France to find a job, but every year I spend vacations in France and come back to Paris to visit my old classmates, and get to know French is always very practical. So, I can say that speaking French helped me much more than my fashion degree.