Year 6 UK Adventure – The Students’ View

July 7, 2015

Year 6 spent five days at Kingswood Centre in Colomendy, North Wales. We flew to Manchester Airport and then travelled by coach to the camp. Kingswood is a company which specialises in activities for schools, so there was plenty to do!

On the first day, we managed to get to the camp without collapsing or falling asleep, which was a big accomplishment.  We were shown around and we had dinner, then we went to the rooms to unpack our stuff. I think all of us fell asleep very fast!

The favourite activity of our class was the 3G Swing, which was basically an enormous swing on which you had to pull to release, and let me just say everyone really liked being suspended 15 metres in the air and then swinging down through the forest!

Another great activity was caving – and yes, we had a cave there, a very deep one actually. We tried to wriggle though holes and tunnels and at one point we even turned off the light in the cave. It was pitch black!

We did many more activities like Giant Zipwire, Nightline, Archery, Aeroball, Volleyball, Environmental Art, and Bushcraft Shelter!

Our camp was intensely populated by many, many wild rabbits, which greeted us every morning and evening. It was set in a deep and beautiful valley in between 3 mountains, so the scenery was amazing.

We also had miraculous weather – in five days in the UK we didn’t see a drop of rain!

Overall, it was amazing and fun, and we challenged ourselves to do new things we had never tried before.

By Ioana and Gruia