Reception to Year 1 Transition Day

June 18, 2015

Last week we held our Transition Day for new students coming into Year 1 next year, for students new to IBSB and for our current Reception children. We held the activities in the Year 1 classroom along with Ms Irina from Reception, in order to introduce the children to what Year 1 will be like. The children got to explore the room and have lunch in the hall with the rest of Key Stage 1.

Even playing outside during break times with the rest of the children was a new and fun experience. We did some work on the Human Body, as we will do at the start of the year in Year 1 and also with Living Things, which we are studying now at the end of the year. It was a fun day filled with new teachers, new children, and an overall good introduction to how Year 1 will be!