Year 2D are “Going on a Bear Hunt”

November 6, 2015

This week was Year 2D’s assembly. Their Cross curricular theme this term is “Stories”. This week they have been looking at Michael Rosen’s story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’ Through this story they have found out about different bears and where they live in the world; for example, a polar bear lives in Antarctica and a brown bear lives right here in Romania. They sequenced the story, described each scene adding lots of creative adjectives. They have also created a story map, which you can see around their classroom. They have enjoyed making collages representing each setting from the story: mud, trees, grass, storm, and cave. The children really enjoyed acting out the story, so much in fact that they decided to perform ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ this week in the assembly to the rest of the primary school. The children were very excited to participate in the assembly and hopefully everyone enjoyed it too!