Y5 Spanish – Our Planet

February 5, 2016

This half-term the Year 5 students learning Spanish had a lot of fun learning all about the ‘Planets of our Solar System’. Their curiosity and thirst were piqued not only by finding out new information about our planets in the solar system, but also about other possible worlds. The highlight of the lesson was watching a short video in Spanish with lots of explanations regarding all the planets of the solar system- in fact the students like it so much they watched it at home over and over again, listening in Spanish and revising at the same time the vocabulary that describes the characteristics of different types of planets. The students also enjoyed using their imagination to create another planet themselves, which they then named and described.

Later, reading a story in Spanish about how life on the Earth is in danger because of actions of mankind due to pollution and other issues, the students realised that it was not just a story of fiction. In the story flowers could only be planted on the Moon because Earth could no longer sustain life. It led all the students to talk about the serious problems we face and solutions which are desperately needed for future generations of children to survive.