MFL Cuisine- A Learning Experience

February 4, 2016

On a frosty day in January most of the Year 9 students who study various and varied modern foreign languages , Spanish, French and German, went on a trip to the Traditional Spanish Restaurant Alioli in Bucharest to discover and enjoy the Iberian specialties of the Spanish cuisine. It was a genuine experience for all of us, as the place has successfully tried to recreate the typical atmosphere of a Spanish restaurant.

It is a well-known fact that the Mediterranean culture promotes going out frequently and having a meal or just ‘tapas’(starters) with family or friends. The food is based also on the Mediterranean diet, a mixture of variety and delicacy. The main ingredients are olive oil -used in impressive amounts- vegetables, seafood & fish, cheese and meat in balanced proportions, and fruits like oranges, peaches, grapes, or pomegranate .

The students were all able to taste the famous ‘paella valenciana’ cooked with rice, vegetables, and chicken, or the typical ‘sangria’, a flavourful mixture of exotic fruit juice. It was an opportunity to be with colleagues and learn about the different gastronomic styles, link it to the studies in class and have some fun.