World Book Day

March 3, 2016

World Book Day 2016 was officially on Thursday 3rd March, but at IBSB we celebrated it on Friday 11th March. The day itself was a very enjoyable experience for Primary School students, thanks to events organised by our staff and PTF.
One of the most memorable features of the day was the visit of British author Stan Cullimore, who visited each class for some singing, storytelling, poetry and art. Stan is the author of more than 120 books for children, and he was very happy to meet our students to discuss their ideas. Stan ended his two days with us by signing copies of his books, some of which he left as prizes for our World Book Day costume competition.

Students were invited to dress up as characters form famous books, and they did not disappoint! Across the school, Mr Cullimore noticed a Mad Hatter, a Pippi Longstocking and a Harry Potter. There was also a lot of princesses, a few princes and knights, one bouncy tiger and an Aladdin among the wonderful costumes on display.

Another exciting activity for Key Stage 1 was the visit of Mrs Carmen Tiderle and Mrs Claudia Marinescu (who also happens to be a teacher in our Year 1 class), both of whom have recently published children’s books here in Romania. The two authors read from their books and talked about their ideas and inspirations for writing.

World Book Day was a lot of fun for our students, but there was also a serious aspect to our celebrations. Key Stage 2 students took part in a sponsored Write-a-thon, which involved writing a story based on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. They had previously arranged sponsors who would donate a small amount of money per word, so when the stories were completed the students could count the words and collect the money for charity. Similarly, Key Stage 1 students took part in a sponsored Spell-a-thon, for which they had to learn a list of challenging vocabulary and again collect sponsorship money for each word they could spell correctly on World Book Day. The money raised was donated to Cartile Copilariei, a charity project which aims to supply children’s books to the poorest communities in Romania.

It was a very busy but enjoyable day for all involved, and we must give special thanks to our PTF, Mr Paul Jennings, Mr Stan Cullimore, Mrs Claudia Marinescu and Mrs Carmen Tiderle for making it such a successful event. We are already looking forward to next year!