Monarchs, Artists, and Famous People

March 3, 2016

Last term Year 2 students learnt about people who made significant contributions to their lives both nationally and internationally. The students had the opportunity to identify the key role of a monarch and learnt about these fascinating people through a range of exciting and interactive activities. We compared the lives and reigns of Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria and placed significant events within a chronological timeline. We also found out about the life and work of some famous artists who inspired us to create our own drawings and paintings in their style. Our classroom turned into an impressive art gallery where the children admired their amazing work. It was so fantastic we decided to display their work outside our classroom for everyone to see.

For their half term homework the children were asked to research a famous person and organize the information as a nonfiction poster. The children enjoyed sharing their project with the rest of the class and some had chosen some very interesting people including a ballerina and Mr Dumitru Prunariu who was the first Romanian to go into space. I think we all learned something new including Ms Oana and Ms Deeble-Rogers!