Secondary School Young Scientists

December 12, 2016

The Science Department has been very busy these past few weeks. All young scientists had a chance to explore and research and present their findings.

Y7 tested the validity of some food labels. They used yeast, yoghurt, and milk to test if the microorganisms stated on the food label are alive and active so…… they found out that they can turn milk into yoghurt in a day.

Y8 students researched the sustainable sources of energy and came up with very interesting projects. Some had the chance to present their findings this week and the others will present their projects next week. We were very impressed with their work, which included making a website, building the models of solar panels, wind turbines, hydropower plants from lego pieces. The best pieces of work will be presented in one of the future assemblies.

Y9 students performed experiments for their half term assessment as their practical skills and understanding were rigorously tested. They investigated exothermic and endothermic reactions, displacement reactions and precipitation.

Y10 and some AL students explored the structure of some vital organs. They dissected hearts, lungs, kidneys and liver and their related their structure to their function. Their enthusiasm was not brought down by the unpleasant smells as they investigated the internal structure in a very professional manner.