Year 5E Studying Life in World War 2

December 14, 2016

This term Year 5E have been looking at how World War 2 affected the lives of millions of people. In our English lessons, we have written a news report about Pearl Harbour, read a novel called Return to the Secret Garden (about the adventures of some evacuees), and are currently dong some work about Anne Frank’s diary. We have also learnt a lot about propaganda posters, the Blitz, communications, evacuation, and the precautions taken by people during the war, such as rationing, air raid shelters, and gas masks. We have enjoyed a great variety of activities including using torches to signal in Morse Code, handling a gas mask (kindly lent to us by Mrs Alina Pascale), and on the 9th of December we went to London Street Atelier to cook a meal using wartime ingredients. While we were there, our instructors were very impressed with the children’s level of knowledge, as they were able to answer all of the questions during the introduction! It has been an interesting and enjoyable topic for us, and one which has provided many learning experiences.