International Middle School Debate Champions 2017

June 16, 2017

Congratulations of the IBSB Middle School Debate Team for their recent success in the Sir Winston Churchill International Middle School Public Debate Competition, hosted this year by BSB on Monday, June 12. Having a large group of passionate debaters in the middle school debate club, IBSB entered two teams in the competition this year, and for the first time ever won both the 1st Place and the Runners trophies up this year- so well done to all our debaters for this incredible result and a big thank Ms Blessy Savu for running the Middle School Debate Club this year, giving up many weekends to ensure they were prepared and ready on the day.

Below is a short review of the competition from our students who took part:

Junior Sir Winston Churchill Debate Competition By Gekko Ioancio

A healthy mix of competition and cooperation is what makes debate an excellent growth opportunity for the able and talented students of IBSB. With a very young team, this year was all about getting the basics right. The skills that lead to success in debating include confidence, good oratory skills, and a broad general awareness of world history and current events. Developing these wide ranging skills takes time and practice, however, and we have come a long way over the course of the year.

To our surprise, we won both the 1st and 2nd Place Trophies in the competition, attended by 5 international schools from Bucharest. Below a few comments from some of our debaters:

“This event really pushed me out of my comfort zone – it made me realise that I can perform under pressure”- Irina
“I really enjoyed myself, and it was a great learning experience. The debates were exciting and passionate. It was a wonderful experience.” – Christie
“It was a great experience, since we all learned new things. I enjoyed it, and it helped me develop skills, such as public speaking and teamwork. I would definitely participate again.” – Maria
“This exciting experience has taught me how to work under pressure and time limits which I will definitely need in the future. It has also given me insight on what it means to be a public speaker, motivating me to get better.” – Kyriaki
“It was a successful productive day, overall a memorable experience for all. Can’t wait for next time to discuss even more interesting topics relevant to today’s world.”- Milena
“Definitely an event I would rank in my top 10 best things I have done so far at IBSB. The debates boosted my confidence in public speaking, and I know the experience gained will help me later on in life as well.” – Gekko

There is no doubt that the event will remain in the memories of the students for quite some time. For all present, it was a great event to participate in and it really did push both of our teams to do our very best as well as to experiment with newly learned debating techniques.

All debaters are now eagerly awaiting future debate competitions, as debate has brought us closer together. Through these preparations we got to roleplay as successful members of society who debate in order to solve issues concerning modern day problems and one day soon we will be doing just this in the real world.