Year 5E Residential Trip to Predeal

June 17, 2017

This week, Year 5 spent four days in Predeal for their annual residential trip. After leaving at 09:00 on Monday morning, we arrived in the mountains just in time for lunch. The students were excited to see their rooms and meet their instructors: Simona, Mircea, Costin and Radu.

The first afternoon was spent at an adventure park, where the children followed different obstacle trails through the trees, ending with a zipline. They then had a chance to play on the trampolines and test their coordination with a game of swingball. The first evening passed with a disco (and a game of football going on outside simultaneously!).

The weather was beautiful throughout the trip, and so it proved on our first morning. The students spent the morning at an aquapark in Brasov, enjoying the slides, jumps and pools. The bravest children even jumped from the five-metre platform! This activity left our students very relaxed for the afternoon, when they had to stay on the edge of the forest to build some shelters using nature’s materials. They worked really well together, as by this time they had been organised into three teams for the duration of the trip. The idea was that they worked in their teams on every task, earning points for good communication and collaboration.

The second day dawned as brightly as the first, and saw Year 5 trekking up into the mountains. The students were shown how to recognise different tracks on the ground, and were excited to see the footprints of a mother bear and tiny bear cub, very close to our hotel. Our guides advised us to keep making lots of noise in order to frighten away any animals, and Year 5 didn’t need a second invitation. Making noise is one of their specialities, so they sang happily up the hill, foraging for berries and picking flowers as they went.

Another challenging team activity was putting up a tent that afternoon. It actually proved more difficult to take it down again afterwards! This was followed by archery, when one person managed to hit the bullseye four times.
A campfire was the perfect way to end our last night in Predeal before we travelled back on Thursday, arriving back at school tired, happy and ready for school on Friday…