IBSB Student Represents Romania in International Olympiad

September 4, 2020

Congratulation to Tamara Minea, one of our Y13 students, selected alongside three other students to represent Romania in the International Economics Olympiad taking place next week.

Here are a few words from Tamara on her selection:

I’m very excited to in in the Romanian team selected to represent Romania at the International Economics Olympiad next week. During the summer.

For those of you not familiar with the Olympiad Competitions, there are three stages in the competition: economics, finance, and business.

Economics stage: knowledge beyond the A Level syllabus is required, so I have been preparing for some weeks, learning new terms and theories to be ready to complete a multiple choice and essay component.

Finance stage: involves an online simulation of the stock market where one must invest, and after each turn see whether your money increases or decreases consequently.

Business stage: each team has 24 hours to complete a project based on a given topic to present to a panel of judges.

I expect the whole of the competition to be challenging, but nonetheless an exciting experience.

Students like myself from around the world will be participating and hopefully all going well, Romania will reach the top tiers.

Fingers crossed!

We wish Tamara and the rest of the Romanian team the very best as they make their final preparations.

Stay tuned for future updates!