IBSB student receives ‘Best Delegate Award’ at BYMUN 2020

September 11, 2020

Congratulations to Maria Sticlea, Y11, who received the ‘Best Delegate Award’ at the BYMUN 2020, organised by YMTS at Casa Universitarilor last week.

For the uninitiated, MUN is a simulation of the United Nations, with each delegate representing a country in one of several committees.

This is what Maria has to say about her experience:

“Because of the coronavirus situation, the conference was held outdoors and restricted to just two committees; I was lucky enough to be offered a place in the EU Council, representing Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, on the topic of ‘Addressing the rise of right-wing extremism in EU member states.’

As my first MUN outside of school, I didn’t really know what to expect, so was pleasantly surprised to discover that the experience was by far much better than anything I could have imagined.

I didn’t know anyone when I first arrived on Day 1, so it was a little scary to begin with, but soon made friends with many of the delegates, who all seemed to share similar interests.
The weather on Day 1 was rather overcast, so the improved sunny weather on Day 2 was a welcome change, with everyone arriving eager to start debating and negotiating.

In the middle of the conference, the CRISIS Committee (who were re-enacting the Biden vs Trump 2020 presidential elections) called me over for an impromptu Q&A session as Angela Merkel, which was unexpected, but very pleasant.

At the end of the conference, different prizes were handed out, and I was given the honour of receiving the Best Delegate Award.

Overall, it was an amazing experience that I would definitely recommend to other students.”

Maria joined IBSB in 2013 (Year 4). During her time at IBSB, Maria has been a student representative on the School Council and a senior member of the IBSB Middle School Debate Team, which has won numerous debate competitions. She has also attended a number of international MUN conferences and has been the recipient of the Academic High Achiever Award for her year in the last 4 years.