IBSB Student Awarded ‘Best Delegate’ Award at International LSE MUN 2021

March 6, 2021

Once again, the students from IBSB were honoured to be invited to attend the annual LSE MUN Conference for 2021. It was even more of an honour this year, when our students discovered they were in fact the only students from an international school joining the many UK based British schools for an event which typically attracts the brightest students from the top schools around the world.

Our student delegation, representing the People’s Republic of China, joined the online LSE MUN conference, running February 26-28, dressed in suits and ties, in the roles of both young diplomats and journalists striving to find solutions to global problems.

Maria Sticlea (Y11) joined the Security Council, with 3 students attending General Assembly committees:
1) Rares Sas (Y12) – UN High Commission for Refugees
2) Vlad Nedelcu (Y10) – Disarmament and Security
3) Medeea Constantinescu (Y11) – Social and Humanitarian Committee

We also had 3 students, including Matei Bitu (Y13), Tamara Boaca, and Iulia Badiu acting as journalists representing Global News, Die Zeit, and UN News perspectives in the committees they were assigned to. Matei, being an exemplary MUNer in his last conference, reported for Global News on the South China Sea negotiations within the UN Security Council. Here are some of the articles Matei wrote during his attendance at the event:

At the end of the conference, all students agreed that it was an extremely worthwhile experience, with three of the students being presented with the following awards:
Rares Sas – Best Delegate Award
Maria Sticlea – Honourable Mention
Vlad Nedelcu – Honourable Mention

A big thank you to Ms Blessy Savu for supporting the students in their preparations for this event, and for joining them in attending the LSE Online MUN over the weekend. We hope 2022 will allow our students to once again return to London to attend the LSE MUN in person.