Bucharest Homes, your friend and partner in the adventure of discovering Bucharest

March 17, 2021

Bucharest Homes is your friend and partner in the adventure of discovering BUCHAREST and its treasures. The founder, Andreia Lewis, was an expat for 10 years in various cultures (Asian, European, American) and returned home “to grow roots and wings”. The love for her country, its architectural beauty and culture, also her experience as an expat, made her dream to assist expats in their journey in Romania, with professional real estate service and with extensive information on everything they might need. She learnt that being in expats shoes, in many difficult situations, when she promised she won’t waste anyone’s time. Dream came true!

Passionate about people and beautiful homes, Andreia is explaining us that she is a broker, meeting the offer and the demand, always in favor of the deal. Starting with Bucharest Homes logo, we can see her passion for the beautiful architecture of Bucharest.

“By selling old architectural jewels we are making a small contribution to Bucharest “face lift”, which is becoming more and more visible nowadays. We always encourage landlords to restore what they have so the property reach an international standing where I can see an expat living and encourage clients to buy those unique gems to transform them in practical living architectural assets that will definitely increase the value”.

On the rental side, Andreia is working with expats and assisted many of our parents who registered at IBSB to find a suitable accommodation in the area or nearby. The area of the school is the historical area of Agricultori and Mantuleasa, with beautiful villas, mature vegetation, legendary stories and some cobble stone streets. A real residential area, an ‘up and coming one’, where you can walk and bike, with easy connectivity to other lovely areas as Universitatii or Icoanei. Andreia can be reached by mail, or by visiting the site