IBSB Mamaia TriChallenge Success

September 24, 2019

Following on from their recent success crossing of the English Channel, Ana N. (Y8) and Andreea A. (Y9), joined forces with another junior member of their English Channel swim team, Alissa P., to achieve a 2nd Place podium finish in the Women’s Open Sprint Triathlon Relay over the weekend- 750m Swim, 20km Cycle, 5km run. Well done to the entire team and to all those IBSB participants, who participated in the Mamaia Tri Challenge over the weekend, including IBSB parent Andrei Pietruschevici (placing 3rd in the Sprint Triathlon in his age category).

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Photos taken with TYR staff (sponsors), Andreea A. (left), Ana N. (right), and Head of School, Kendall Peet