Study UK British Council University Fair

September 27, 2019

It’s much easier to study if you have answered the big question WHY?

Universities fairs are one proven way to answer this question, bringing added meaning to what students do each and every day in the classroom.

Developing a clear understanding of the university application process and the prerequisites for each university and the courses they offer helps connect the work our students do now, as they prepare for their IGCSE and A Level exams, to their future dreams and aspirations.

As our students work around the hall of exhibitors from table to table, speaking with the admissions officers, asking questions and collecting brochures, they begin to understand what is needed to turn their dreams into reality, and in doing so return to their classrooms more motivated to learn, prepared to do the work needed to make their dreams a reality.

We would like to thank the British Council and the many universities that took part in the university fair today at IBSB for being an important partner in the education of our students.

The incredible success of IBSB Student Graduate Programme is a direct result of the IBSB Community and the strength of our community partnerships.