IBSB European Day of Languages

September 25, 2017

This week our Modern Languages Department proposed a rich programme of linguistic and cultural activities to celebrate European Day of Languages. Secondary School students engaged in creative activities that enabled them to think creatively and logically. The diversity of activities empowered our students to get more engaged in their own learning and to understand in more depth the language and the culture of European and Non-European countries.

Our KS3 students explored magnificent places in the world and built famous buildings. Thus, they had the ideal opportunity to learn together more about famous sites and cultural facts from Germany, France and Spain. Teachers witnessed a lot of creativity and use of mathematical, geographical and creative arts skills.

Apart from the multicultural dimension, students in Year 7 enjoyed speaking other languages and were proud to share ways of saying hello in their mother tongue.

We can definitely say that our students are WORLD CITIZENS as they showed a great amount of knowledge, curiosity, respect and compassion!