Students taking Economics visit the Romanian National Bank

September 28, 2017

The students taking Economics in Year 11 and Year 12 have both just completed units that relate to the history of money. Economics Year 11 have completed a unit on inflation, looking at the factors affecting the value of money, and the consequences of hyperinflation or deflation on the population. The Economics Year 12 group have completed a unit on the characteristics and functions of money in our current day economy. As such, we visited the Romanian National Bank on Monday, 25th September. Please see below some quotes from the children in our school about the trip and Economics.

“Money has a really important role in our economy; learning the history of it and actually seeing the evolution of the forms of money has been fascinating”. – Siena (Y12)

“Seeing all different types of money, learning about their history and talking about each one in particular was a pleasant and captivating experience”. – Victor (Y11)

“The collection of money from all over the world was quite impressive and the acoustics from the main room was really unexpected. Moreover, learning the brief economic history of my country was extremely fun!” – Alex S (Y11)

“We saw gold bars with very high purity of gold at 24K (99.99% pure): it’s so pure that if you bite or scratch it, you will leave marks because the purer, the more malleable”. – Stefan (Y11)

“A very interesting experience in a building I’ve seen numerous times, however never imagined to be so grand and interesting”. – Alex M (Y11)

“It was an enjoyable experience to see the history of the Romanian currency, how the rate of inflation increased or decreased and how the visual presentation of the bills changed and why”. – Boldizsar (Y11)

“It was very interesting and educational to see the National Bank’s progress throughout the years and how it evolved throughout Romania’s history. – Gekko (Y11)

“I was shocked to find out that a piece of gold with purity of 99.99%, just smaller than the palm of a hand, weighed 1 whole kilogram!” – Ioana (Y11)