ClayPlay Fun

November 23, 2018

At the start of the week we were lucky enough to be visited by Miss Ella and Miss Raluca from ClayPlay ( You can probably guess what activities they brought with them!

With the ClayPlay instructors’ careful guidance, our students were able to fashion objects from red clay which will be delivered to us after they are fired and finished in the ClayPlay kiln. It was particularly thoughtful of the ladies to facilitate creations based on the cross curricular theme in each year group, for example, Year 5 made Ancient Greek cornucopias and hygea vases whilst Year 1 made clay bears to fit in with their theme of toys.

The children discovered that working with clay is fun but requires patience and concentration. Miss Ella and Miss Raluca were very impressed with our students’ artistic skills and are looking forward to visiting us again in the future. If you are a Primary school parent then you can expect a new handmade addition to your mantelpiece to arrive home in the next week or so!