From Cave Art to Van Gogh

April 20, 2016

Over the past term, Year 5C learnt about Stone Age: how people lived then, what tools they used to hunt, to cook or to farm and many other interesting facts that amazed everybody. We have evolved so much!

In Art lessons, children got to experience charcoal pencil, and graphite and chalk in order to produce cave art. In other Art lessons the children painted prints of fossils using water colours, sponges, and pastel crayons, or they made fossils out of salt-dough.

They then quickly travelled forward in time and are now studying Van Gogh’s painting ‘Sunflowers’ as part of the cross-curricular topic Weather and Climate. Over the next few lessons, the children will reproduce paintings of the nature from various artists.

Watch out, Monet! We have some future artists in our class!