IBSB Cooking Lessons

April 20, 2016

On Tuesday, 8S had a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with a chef at the London Street Atelier to improve our cooking skills. Our goal was to prepare a 3-course Italian meal, in a limited amount of time, which for some of us was going to be tough. We started off slowly, working in two teams: Team A (nicknamed “Manic”), and Team B.

Team A worked on the main course: home-made ravioli with spinach and ricotta, as well as a Genovese pesto for the starter dish. Team B worked on the entrée and dessert: 3 types of bruschetta’s, one of which included the pesto made by Team A, along with a lovely Tiramisu (Fun fact: Mr Storey claims that it means “pick me up” in Italian).

We began slowly and in a messy way, as every beginner does, but as we got the hang of it, we started speeding up, but still with quite a lot of mess unfortunately: 2 people flattening out the once sticky dough, and another two working on the fillings for the ravioli. The pace that we managed to achieve inn the end was great!

In the end I have to say that it is experiences like these, where we can learn from our mistakes, that help us to and grow, and so I highly recommend all students to give cooking a go. I can also safely say that it was an enjoyable experience for everyone.