We Are Astronauts – Mission Objective: Travel from the Earth to the Moon

November 18, 2014

Year 2 have been really excited about the new computing curriculum introduced to IBSB this year. In order to understand how algorithms work we have been out in the playground plotting our course across the solar system with a sequence of simple instructions.
Blast off! Forward 3, Turn Left, Forward 4, Turn Right, Forward 1, Touch Down!

We then transferred this experience into the classroom where we programmed our bee-bots to the make the same journey. Finally, we are learning to use “Scratch” on the computers so that we can programme a spaceship of our own design to travel across the space backgrounds that we have created. When all of our computer programmes are completed, we look forward to sharing them with parents and our friends through our social learning platform Edmodo.

Next stop – Planet Mars!