An Outdoor Education

September 25, 2020

Congratulations to the 12 students who joined Ms Croci and Mr Hudson on their Qualifying Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey.

Last week the students all successfully completed their practice journey, which took them from Bucuresti – Cheia (Prahova) – Pasul Bratocea (1263m) (red line trail) – Saua Tigailor (1745 m) – Vf. Ciucas (1954 m) – Cabana Vf. Ciucas (1595 m) – (blue cross trail) V. Berii to Podul Berii (1050 m). It was a memorable trip that luckily returned them to the bus just minutes before the rain started to fall.

This week, the students were off again, this time on their Qualifying Journey, departing Bucuresti en route to Cheia (Prahova) – (yellow line trail) Cabana Muntele Rosu (1280 m) – (red triangle trail) to La Rascruce (1805 m) – (red cross route) to Vf. Gropsoarele (1883 m), Vf. Zaganu (1817 m) Poiana Zaganu (1336 m) – Cheia (900 m). It was to be another incredible experience, as you can see from the photos.

You can check out their routes on the Ciucas Mountains map and online at:

A special thank you to Ms Croci and Mr Hudson for providing support both before, during, and after both expeditions. Without your dedication to the Duke of Edinburgh International Award programme, and the participating students, worthwhile experiences such as these would not be possible.