Head of School Goal Setting Meetings

September 25, 2020

This year our Head of School once again had the opportunity to join some of the Y13 students in their sixth for garden area for his traditional start of year pep talk.

At the meeting, he gave each student a sheet with the statistical breakdown from the previous exam year, asking each student to circle the subjects they are taking and the grades they hope to achieve.

This informed the students what percentage of the world they need to be in to achieve that grade: you don’t need 80% to get an A in Business Studies, for example, you need to be in the top 13.1% of the world, based on the 2019 exam results.

Click on the link below to see a full review of grades awarded from the June 2019 Exam Session.

Mr Peet then went on to discuss the university applications process and to congratulate the Y13 students on both their work ethic and their results achieved to date, saying that they are very likely to achieve our best exam results ever, with 50% of the students currently on target to achieve an A-A* average in their final year.

Next week, Mr Peet will be speaking to the Year 11 students, having already spoken with the Y12 students last week, to ensure every student has a clear goal in mind- because, as he said to the students, it is much easier to achieve a goal when it is clear in one’s mind from the outset.

Cambridge International IGCSE Results Statistics June 2019

Cambridge International A Level Results Statistics June 2019

Cambridge International AS Level Results Statistics June 2019