Year 8C Learn Process Writing the Fun Way

April 14, 2016

This week the year 8C group practiced their process writing skills in a new and delicious way. They first used ICT to research their favourite foods including desserts. Then they were required to create a recipe along with a guide to making and serving it. Once this was effectively accomplished complete with illustration, the learning began in earnest. Students tested their recipes by making them, bringing them to school and sharing samples with their fellow classmates. Some of the delights included Milena’s Chocolate Balls and Selin’s strawberry jelly cake. Perhaps the class favourite was Gili’s two colour chocolate cheesecake swirl. Not to be outdone, Matei chose to concoct his grandparent’s own syrup for making naturally flavoured fruity soda water to savour with our tasty treats. Well done, Year 8!