Year 7 English Lesson of the Week

September 1, 2016

On Tuesday, Ms Carman’s Year 7 English class spent some time using colourful adjectives in a bit of a different way. They were required to study and describe a rather bizarre creature/man by the name of Skellig, as part of their introduction to this popular KS3 novel. They were asked to draw a version of the projected image into their notebook in an effort to improve their skills of observation, then have some fun coming up with suitable adjectives to describe various parts of his face. The adjectives were colourful indeed, with such contributions as “ghostly white skin” to “oily strands of cobweb covered hair.” The final assignment is to put all the possibilities together and describe Skellig in a full paragraph. Ms Carman is looking forward to reading what the kids have come up with and hopes they will enjoy the writing process all the more.