Year 6 Student Enjoy Public Speaking

December 23, 2014

Almost two weeks ago the students in Year 6 started preparing for an important event – Annual ESU Public Speaking Competition – which will be hosted by our school on the 24th of January, 2015, with the theme for this year being: Life is about the journey, and not about the destination.

To get the process rolling, the children spent some English lessons working on their speeches. They came up with lots of ideas in a brainstorming session and then began planning everything by writing clear and concise arguments, with the help of the teachers. Next they critically examined their speeches and the speeches of the others, trying to improve them by developing some good messages or by giving more examples to show how the information presented applies to the lives of the audience. Finally, the Year 6 students focused on delivering their speeches, taking into account the good standards of performance.

Here are some photos taken in front of the classroom, after the students prepared their cue cards and memorized parts of their speeches. They are still rehearsing for the big competition, so let’s wish them all good luck!