Year 6 Shakespeare

December 8, 2015

During Term 1b, Year 6 had the pleasure to study some great plays of arguably the most famous English writer: William Shakespeare. First we read from Macbeth- the best known scene with the three witches, after which we wrote and performed our very own magic spells. It was a nice moment because we worked in groups of three and used lots of props for our performance. Later on we began writing our own biography of William Shakespeare, but before that we searched in many books and on the internet for information about the writer’s life. We also studied the poem ‘All the world’s a stage’, which was both interesting and challenging, and from this poem learned a lot about figurative language; especially metaphors and personification. The hardest part was writing our own scripts at the end for the four Shakespearean plays (Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, The Winter’s Tale) that we performed this week. Here are some photos from our wonderful and unforgettable performance.