Year 6 Moving On Ceremony

June 27, 2016

The Year 6 ‘Moving On Ceremony’, which took place on the final Friday morning of the school year, being, Friday, June 24, was an emotional affair with the pupils from Year 6 each saying a few words before joining together for a rousing song, with piano and guitar accompaniment. They finished, as tradition dictates, flinging their mortar boards high into the air. They then did it again, because it is fun, and because some of the parents missed the Kodak moment. All in all, it was a wonderful moment in time shared by all present; a family occasion, with memories collected to last a life time.

Looking at the Year 6 graduates of 2016, we marvel at how far they have come during their time with us and rejoice in their bright plans for the future. It has been our pleasure to watch them grow with the school, celebrating both their endeavours and achievements, as they have filled me with a sense of pride, along with their parents.